PT Utomo Juragan Atap Surya Indonesia

Establishment Date:
Type of Business (Cluster ) :
EPC and Solar PV Installation

Jalan Darmo Permai II/56 Kav 5 – Surabaya

Company Profile
Utomo SolaRUV is a trademark of PT Utomo Juragan Atap Surya Indonesia, which is part of the Utomodeck Group, a specialist company providing roofing solutions for buildings with more than 40 years of experience in Indonesia. Utomo SolaRUV provides a renewable energy solution based on BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic) that is flexible and can be applied to various building designs to be made. Supported by global-scale component manufacturers, Sungrow and LONGi, the Rooftop Solar Power Generation (PLTS) technology from Utomo SolaRUV can be applied to the roof profile that is owned by the Utomodeck Group. We ensure that your roof and your rooftop solar installation having a long-lasting performance.

Company Size
50 – 100 people

Cumulative Installation (MW)
3,5 MW per month

Product Profile

Utomo SolaRUV collaborates with Sungrow to provide the best quality inverters, both for the industrial and residential sectors. Some of Utomo SolaRUV’s inverter products have obtained the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi Republik Indonesia) certificate. In addition, Utomo SolaRUV is also a pioneer in SNI-labelled solar modules using the LONGi brand, which is a Monocrystalline PV producer on a global scale. In addition, Utomo SolaRUV’s other products include battery storage, smart monitoring systems, cables, and other mounting accessories, making it easier for the public to build rooftop solar installations in their respective buildings and supporting the energy transition as soon as possible.

Utomo SolaRUV also initiated the Solarpreneur Development Center, which is the first UMKM Solar Energy development center in Indonesia. In collaboration with various agencies, ranging from academia and government, the Solarpreneur Development Center helps the community in mastering specific skills, such as assembling solar panels, to take advantage of opportunities in the era of green jobs.


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