PT Sola Karya Bersama

Type of Business (Cluster ) :
Solution provider for industrial battery system and ESS

Kawasan Komersial Bizpoint Blok G28

Company Profile

Sola Karya Bersama (SKB) is a solution provider of industrial battery system and ESS. The company has more than 10 years of experience of delivering high performance battery for highly critical application in oil and gas, power plant, and petrochemical industries. SKB extensive knowledge and engineering expertise in energy storage system and focus in delivering only the best solution and the best services to our customers.

Company Size
10 people

Product Profile

– Sodium (salt) battery, the real Green and Safe battery for industrial application. 

– Industrial UPS and battery charger, Industrial solution for the harshest industrial environment

We sell, install, and commissioning of the green and safe energy storage systems.

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