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distributor of renewable energy products


Perum Juanda Regency Blok F-9 – F-10, Sidoarjo

Company Profile
We provide solutions for providing abundant solar-based renewable energy in Indonesia. The solutions we offer cover the needs of the village, government agencies, PAMSIMAS, irrigation, private sector, and charity/CSR. Atonergi is a company that has an Authorized Agency Certificate for the installation of Solar Power Products.

Company Size
12 people

Product Profile

The pump product that we use is the Lorentz water Pump. Product Solar Pump made in Germany. We are an Authorized Agent of the Factory so we are ready for a letter of support that can be used for tender requirements from the government / service. For the durability of our solar power system, it can last more than 25 years (Solar Panel) and for the solar pump it can work up to more than 10 years.

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